2018 Games

Thicker than Water

_She craved the type of passion that even brought the devil down to his knees._ The year is 1929. As Valentine’s Day gives way to night, an uneasy crowd fills the jazz joints and speakeasies of Chicago. Read more


An emotionally intense amnesia relationship drama, driven by a series of flashback scenes, and making extensive use of the Ars Amandi mechanic to simulate physical intimacy. Read more

Dungeon Owner's Association

Welcome to the Faith Hollow Dungeon Owner’s Association! Dungeon Owner’s Association is a political comedy game with light horror elements set in a Dungeons and Dragons style universe. Players will play the representative of their particular part of the dungeon’s denizens. Read more

Fire on High

Star Trek meets Gilbert and Sullivan in this spacefaring comedy adventure taking place on a starship. Romance, silliness, away missions, epic ship-to-ship battles, and (shudder) really bad food await. Can you survive? (Probably, unless you are wearing the red uniform.) Read more

Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys

Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys is a comedic LARP featuring famous monkeys in literature and media. Curious George, Code Monkey, Space Monkey, Flying Monkeys, Barrel of Monkeys and many other of your favorite simians are part of a cutting edge experiment in this science laboratory. Come let out your inner monkey and be part of the experiment! Read more

The Gate

For years, the Thelemic Order has tried to find and close portals to another world, home of dangerous and mysterious entities. Others say the Order is wrong, and welcome the entities and their power. Now, only one gate remains, and both sides gather to determine its fate... and their own. Read more

A Turn On The Radiance Rose

You are cordially invited to a Seance held by Rudolpho the Great and Powerful and the Famed Spiritualist Eleanor Van Klief. The Gates Between the Worlds will open in the Radiance Rose Pullman dining car of the Union Pacific train, New York to Chicago at 7pm sharp. Read more

The Intrepid Seven

Seven survivors of a crashed space colony ship scavenge the wreckage to build their new society. Fortunately, they have the help of their new spouses: each other. The Intrepid Seven is a queer science-fiction game about the first seven days of the creation of new life and civilization by a group of seven survivors. Read more

Before and After Silence

Before and After Silence is about limitations and listening, and about doing almost nothing. Rather than playing characters, we examine how we look at ourselves and how different filters can change how we see ourselves and others. We ask you to explore that silence, and to see if you can shape it. Read more


Conclave is a game of Papal Politics. The year is 1271, and the Papal throne is vacant. You are a Cardinal of the church, tasked with selecting a new Pope. Navigate national allegiances and doctrinal ideologies as you try to build a coalition to get the necessary votes. Could YOU be the next Pope? Read more

The Forget-Me-Not Hotel

In 1938, the Forget-Me-Not Hotel plays host to a mysterious party. You've received an invitation, but who sent it and for what purpose? As you step into the grand ballroom, you help yourself to a glass of champagne. Time to find out what this is all about. (A parlor LARP) Read more

The Witch of Thrush Hollow

The witch of Thrush Hollow is back in town for vengeance and several out-of-towners have appeared to solve the mystery. What are their true intentions? Is the witch really back for vengeance, or is something else behind these omens? The only way to find out is to proceed with the ritual. Read more

Blackened Hearts

Piracy calls on the high seas, and the crew of the Black Kraken has taken a Spanish treasure galleon as a prize. It's been smooth sailing this last week, but with port in sight tensions are rising. Mistaken identities, mutinies, and what\'s this about a curse...? Read more

Hatoful Boyfriend: Crestridge

A surreal, earnest larp set in the world of the pigeon dating simulator game Hatoful Boyfriend. Read more


WINTERHORN is a live action game about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups Read more

It's Nothing

A roleplaying scenario about misogynistic domestic violence. Read more

The Kick Inside

A scenario about different stages in life and how we cope with changes. Read more


No one who sees the planet Prometheus is unchanged by the experience. You were privileged to be a scientist granted the priceless opportunity to study this planet. Now you have learned that your time is up, and that its beauty and scientific treasure will soon be gone. How will you mourn, here among the only people to understand your loss? Read more

Adrift on a Starry Sky

A military coup has taken control of The United Earth Concord, the government for the Earth and the few thousands on outposts and stations elsewhere in the Solar System. Those of you onboard the Alexandria are declared enemies of the planet, some more by accident and circumstance than design. Read more

Athena's Chosen

This night, in the temple’s holiest of holy, you will walk with gods. Athena will inspire and test you; Dionysus tempt you. Will you have the faith to reject family, love and desire to gain the power of a Virgin Priestess? Or fall and leave with the wild maenads? Or flee back to your father’s house? Read more

Better Living Through Robotics

A retro-futuristic take on a post-apocalyptic world with subservient robots. Like all utopias, it is not as cheery and light as it seems. Read more

My Jam

Music, Magic, and High School Drama! Read more

Here Is My Power Button

Here Is My Power Button is an intimate near-future American Freeform game about relationships, identity, and power for players age 18 and up. It features an asymmetrical play experience about humans interacting with artificial intelligence. Read more

Space Squids

Silly aliens solve puzzles and fall in love Read more