Early-bird GM deadline announced!

March 16, 2018

By popular demand, the Be-Con staff would like to announce an early-bird GM deadline!

We’ve heard some travelling GMs would like a little more time to plan their travel, and that lots of folks would like to see some examples of games that will be run at Be-Con.  We’ll publish the list of accepted games here on the website — we hope that helps everyone get to know us!

If you submit your game proposals by 11:59PM CT on Friday, March 23, we’ll do our first round of game acceptance the following week.

If you can’t make that early-bird deadline, don’t worry!  The main submission deadline is still April 25th, and we expect there to be plenty of room for games after the early-bird deadline has passed.

Want to run a game but don’t have one ready to go?  Visit our ‘Games in search of a GM‘ section and check out some of the great LARPs published online.

If you have any questions about how to submit a game, email our GM Liaison: people@beconlarp.com .