Game Schedule Posted, and more badges available!

June 5, 2018

Be-Con is happy to announce that our games schedule has been published!  You can find a list of all of our games here, and a schedule of games here.  We’re happy to have put together a diverse schedule of interesting games, many of which have never been run in the Midwest before.  

There is one slot that we’d still like to recruit for — we have space for a 2-3 hour game on Saturday afternoon, if you are willing to run it in your own room.  All rooms in the hotel are suites, so a up to 8 person game can run comfortably.

We’re also pleased to announce that because we have more game slots than we expected, the total number of paid memberships has been expanded from 60 to 70!  When registration opens, there’ll be ten more opportunities to join us for the weekend.

If you have any questions about our games, you can reach out to our GM coordinator at Any other questions can be directed to