Game Selection Open!

July 17, 2018

It’s time for game selection! We’re using an algorithm to try to ensure that our attendees get to play games that they are excited about.

To select your games, please fill out a survey of your preferences. You must already be registered for Be Con in order to have your selections honored.

You can choose between two forms of the survey, based on which works best for you. Please fill in only one of these.
Rank All Games – In this survey version you rank all games at the convention, which allows you to prioritize one timeslot over another.
Rank Games Within Timeslot – This survey version separates the games by timeslot in order to make this list more manageable. This version does not allow you to prioritize between timeslots.

Important! You must fill one of these surveys out by by 7/24/2018 in order to be included in standard game selection.