Want to fill-in? We have games that need you!

August 23, 2018

Be-Con — a LARP convention in Chicago — has fill-in registrations available.  For just $20, you can join us the weekend of September 14th and register for open games, enjoy our consuite, and hang out with your friends and fellow gamers!

Thinking about joining us as a fill-in but not sure what games you’d like to join?  We have a few games that are in need of more players:

Saturday, 8PM — Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys: A theater style (secrets and powers) game where you play the monkeys in an experimental laboratory.  A fun, comedic LARP full of story-based plotlines, character development, and immersive play. Unique and not to be missed! (1 player needed, more welcome)

Friday, 7PM — Hatoful Boyfriend: Crestridge: This is a larp set in the world of the pigeon dating simulator computer game Hatoful Boyfriend, where birds rule and the love between avian and human can not be denied.  (1 player needed)

Saturday, 2PM — My Jam: Music is magic! Join your fellow high-school phonnomancers at the biggest dance of the year. Hang with your friends, pick arguments with your frenemies, and moon over your crush – but when your music is playing, you’ve got the power. (3 players needed)

If you’re interested, register for Be-Con on our Eventbrite site, and then choose your games on the fill-in survey!  For any questions, please email our staff at beconlarp@beconlarp.com or visit our website.