Welcome to Be-Con!

September 14, 2018

Registration tonight is in the breakfast area right next to the front desk. We will be open until an hour after game start so you can pick up everything you need to. After that, please go to Ops.

Suite A: 145
Suite B: 139
Suite C: 118
Consuite: 137
Ops: 147

A reminder about Safety!

Be-Con takes the safety of attendees as paramount, and has an experienced safety team available during the convention. Our trained safety staff can help with any violations of the Be-Con Social Contract, and they will also have a first aid kit if necessary. You can reach the team member on duty by texting or calling 847-859-9193, or by emailing beconlarpsafety@gmail.com; please include your name and location if you use these methods. You can also request help from the safety staff in person – just look for the orange badges! If there isn’t a Safety team member nearby, you can find them in the Ops suite.