Game Signup


The standard game selection period is open!

You can choose between two forms of the survey, based on which works best for you. Please fill in only one of these.

Rank All Games – In this survey version you rank all games at the convention, which allows you to prioritize one timeslot over another.

Rank Games Within Timeslot – This survey version separates the games by timeslot in order to make this list more manageable. It does not, however, allow you to prioritize one timeslot over another.

Important! You must fill one of these surveys out by by 7/24/2018 in order to be included in standard game selection.

Early August, 2018 Cast lists for each larp will be released to the respective GMs and players.  At this point, players can drop from any of their larps and optionally signup for openings in other games.

August, 2018 Fill-in attendees can signup and register for open spaces in larps.


Game sign-up can be a stressful process, and we know that not everyone can be online to register the moment that it opens.  In an attempt to allow everyone an equal chance to get their top selections, Be-Con will allow everyone to submit their ranked preferences for all games and slots over a two-week period.  We hope this will put all attendees, volunteers, and GMs on equal footing when it comes to selecting which games they’d like to play.

Once all the ranked preferences have been received, Be-Con will use an algorithm to assign individuals to games.  We hope this algorithm will give everyone an equal chance at their first choices, and make everyone’s schedule a great one. While we know that no algorithm is perfect, we are trying to optimize for getting our standard-registration players into as many of the games they are excited about as possible.

An avenue will be provided to support players and GMs who need to avoid other attendees for personal safety reasons.  Further details can be found in the sign-up forms.

Game Signup Algorithm

This is a summary description for the algorithm used for the first year, 2018.  This may go through adjustments for future events.  You do not need to understand this in order to attend Be-Con or sign up for games.  The process is designed so that you can simply list your preference priority list, and this will handle the rest.  It is intended to level the playing field regardless of your knowledge of the process.

Be-Con’s game registration algorithm was carefully designed to select games for players in a random but fair manner. The algorithm keeps track of a priority weight for each player that is modified to give them higher priority if it is unable to put them into a game they wanted to play. In the beginning the players all have the same priority weight, since no one has yet been assigned to any games.

Starting with everyone’s 1st picks, the game puts the list of players into a random order. It then goes through the list in order, trying to place each player into their 1st pick game. If there is space in a player’s 1st choice that matches the player’s gender preferences, the algorithm places the player in that game. If not, the algorithm modifies the player’s weight so that they will be given priority to go near the beginning of the random ordering for the next round of processing picks.

Once it has tried to give everyone their 1st picks, the algorithm makes a new ordering of all the players who have a 2nd pick. This ordering will only be sort of random, since players with higher priority weights will get to go sooner (since they didn’t get the games they wanted in the previous round). The algorithm will then go through the list in order, again trying to place people into their 2nd pick games. Again, if it can’t place someone into their 2nd pick game the algorithm will change that player’s priority weighting to give them more priority in the next round.*

The algorithm continues in this way through each round of picks until it has filled all the games or has tried to assign all players to all of their picks.

Note: If you entered your picks in slot-by-slot manner, we first transform them into a linearly ranked list before running the algorithm on everyone. This is done by ordering your first picks from each slot chronologically, then repeating through your subsequently ordered picks. If you had 1st picks for each slot this would result in a list with your 1st pick from Friday as the 1st pick in the final list, followed by your 1st pick from Saturday morning as the 2nd pick in the final list, and so forth.