Dungeon Owner’s Association


Welcome to the quarterly meeting of the Faith Hollow Dungeon Owner’s Association! Under the leadership of our benevolent Red Dragon overlord Fromath the Fiery, we all work hard together to create the kind of adventuring party-killing community we can all be proud of. All representatives of the denizens of our beloved dungeon are required to attend and discuss our concerns and suggestions for improving our dungeon home.

We understand that the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Faith Hollow block party (especially the ruinous invitation of the orcs) has left you with complaints from your denizens. Let’s stay positive and welcome our brand new resident Deep Gnome, the first of their kind in Faith Hollow, to our neighborhood. Just remember to pay your required tithes to Fromath’s spokeskobold and, as a friendly reminder, the Cone of Oppression will be in effect so that no powers can be used during the meeting, ensuring a “safe place” where everyone can be heard equally.

Dungeon Owner’s Association is a political comedy game with light horror elements set in a Dungeons and Dragons style universe. Players will play the representative of their particular part of the dungeon’s denizens, trying to bring to the table different issues that should be taken care of by the dungeon as a whole, with the ever-present threat of adventurers coming into their community for fame, treasure, and glory!

This is a revised version of Dungeon Owner’s Association based on feedback during our run at Peaky Midwest 2017.

Credits & Contact

Written by
Morgan Rippke, Sky Rippke, Jess Pestlin, Robert Peck, Doug Freedman and Eliza Ford
Morgan Rippke and Sky Rippke
Game Contact

Game Information

Sunday, September 16, 10:00 am
Suite A
3 hours
10 [0 female, 0 male, 10 player-defined, 0 other]
Age Requirements
Age 14+, but parental check-in required if under 18.
Physical Requirements
Sitting for long periods, Hearing
Content Warnings
Alcoholism and substance addiction, bigotry and prejudice, mental enthrallment, shapechanging, power dynamics and generally evil actions.
Physical Contact Rules
This game will be using the Be-Con default physical contact rules.
Safety Mechanics
This game will be using the Be-Con default safety mechanics.
Food in use
Food will be provided, most likely donuts or some other breakfast food. If you have food allergies please let us know on the casting form so we can try to accommodate.