Hatoful Boyfriend: Crestridge


It has been generations since birds developed intelligence, claimed the cities, and became the dominant species on earth, relegating humans back to the caves and forests from whence they'd emerged.

The small town of Crestridge has suffered tense relations, even violent altercations between bird and human longer than anyone can remember. Recently, Crestridge has been taken over by a faction of Accordance Extremists. They believe in the radical solution of mandatory emotional pair bonding between individual birds and humans to forge them into a cohesive society. You and your friends and neighbors have been “volunteered” for an intensive three day program to foster inter-species bonding.

This is a larp set in the world of the pigeon dating simulator computer game Hatoful Boyfriend. Experience with the computer game is not necessary to play this larp. The computer game and the larp are both dark and scary if you take them seriously, whimsical and cute if you don’t, and very weird either way. Expect some dark angsty feelings, some cute strangeness, and some pigeons.

Credits & Contact

Written by
Katie Gordon
Katie Gordon
Game Contact

Game Information

Friday, September 14, 7:00 pm
Suite B
4 hours
12 [0 female, 0 male, 12 player-defined, 0 other]
Age Requirements
Physical Requirements
Content Warnings
Death of a parent, spouse, or loved one in backstory, violence in backstory, political fanaticism, anti-species bias and discrimination, relationships, affairs, illness, intermittent loss of sentience, and up-front threats of violent death of player characters at end of game and/or larger scale destruction at end of game. Physical contact (Ars amandi mechanic) of hands and arms, representing only petting and grooming of bird wings and human arms.
Physical Contact Rules
Physical contact of hands and arms only will be allowed in this game within the confines of the Ars Amandi mechanic.
Safety Mechanics
This game will be using the Be-Con default safety mechanics.
Food in use
Game uses dried beans as props. While players may wish to roleplay eating the beans, we do not recommend that players actually eat the beans.