Here Is My Power Button


Here Is My Power Button is an intimate near-future American Freeform game about relationships, identity, and power for players age 18 and up. It features an asymmetrical play experience about humans interacting with artificial intelligence.

Participants playing AI will experience learning from the examples of the human with whom they interact. Between interactions, they will experience enrichment activities designed to build their personhood.

Participants playing humans will workshop a character who has found reason to engage in a focus group for testing a companion AI. Their ongoing experience will focus on their personal AI's development among other human participants, and with the failsafe of resetting any undesirable growth.

The core game structure will alternate between focus group meetings and one on one interactions between a human and their respective AI. Casting of humans/AI will happen at game; you will have an opportunity to express your level of interest, but try to come into the game being at least a little flexible.

As this is a game that incentivizes emergent relationships and emotional intimacy, we will workshop to establish general and specific boundaries before beginning play. Consider signing up with a buddy with whom you'd like to explore having an intense relationship.

The GM can be contacted at quinn-in (at) mreg (dot) fief (dot) org

Credits & Contact

Written by
Brodie Atwater
Quinn D, Lillie Franks

Game Information

Saturday, September 15, 8:00 pm
O'Hare Room
4 hours
12-18 [0 female, 0 male, 12-18 player-defined, 0 other]
Age Requirements
Content Warnings
Content is likely to include: power in relationships, identity invalidation, emotional dependence, memory erasure, sustained one-on-one play and potential for romantic or sexual relationships. Players will have the opportunity to veto most other content in advance of play.
Physical Contact Rules
This game will be using the Be-Con default physical contact rules.
Safety Mechanics
This game will be using the Be-Con default safety mechanics.