Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys


A primate laboratory is a center for scientific breakthroughs, and this one is no exception. But what about the perspective of the monkey subjects themselves? Monkeys are not simply passive experimental participants, but highly social creatures with goals, agendas, and desires! Take a peek beyond the observation glass and find out what makes the monkeys tick.

Monkeys Monkey Monkeys is a traditional theater style (secrets and powers) one shot which includes story based plotlines, character development, and actor/ immersive role play. It requires players who enjoy immersing in the psychological/emotional experience of their character while still playing a comedy. If you enjoy the combination of depicting the life of one of your favorite familiar monkey characters, creating fun, on stage scenes while immersing in a personal story, this may be a great choice for you!

Credits & Contact

Written by
Mags Simkins
Mags & David Simkins
Game Contact

Game Information

Saturday, September 15, 8:00 pm
Suite C
4 hours
13-17 [3-4 female, 3-4 male, 7-9 player-defined, 0 other]
Age Requirements
13 +
Physical Requirements
Content Warnings
One of the fun features of this game is communicating with characters with gestures, tones, body language etc. (rather than English). The room can get loud and chaotic as a result (may this be a warning to the Con staff as well as the players) :D This game may have mechanisms that offer opportunities to alter the sensory experiences of your role play. For example, there may be the use of blindfolds, earplugs or a rule for not speaking (See/Hear/Speak no evil), or the use of fleece to tie characters wrists together, limiting arm movement (barrel of monkeys). The game is specifically designed to create a safe environment for these mechanisms. In the character questionnaire, you will be asked about your desire/ non-desire to participate in these experiences and will be given a character to your preference (i.e. no player will be asked to participate in these mechanisms unless they have been fully informed and have given their preference to do so), but opting in will create a fun, new experience for you.
Physical Contact Rules
There may be the need for some physical contact (to communicate non verbally), but to respect players personal desires, we will employ a "color sticker" rule. Players will wear stickers that indicate their comfort level in being touched. (Red= no touch, Yellow= limited touch for purposes of getting one's attention, Green= comfortable with all touch that is not of a sexual nature). We will take a moment before the game to allow players to communicate additional details about their preferences with other players.
Safety Mechanics
This game will use the default safety mechanics. In addition to those, we will be asking all players to engage in extra safety practices to ensure that the players who have physical limitations are in a safe role-playing environment. We will go over these rules before the game.
Food in use
Cheetos, mountain dew, and bananas will be offered in the game.