Welcome to The Perspective 360 Spa & Retreat, where you can relax, reconnect, and rebuild. We have developed a revolutionary new therapeutic technique that will allow you to re-examine, re-experience, and re-imagine your most important relationships. Is something holding you back from happiness? No more! Let go of your cares and spend the evening with us. You’ll emerge with a whole new outlook on life.


1) Side effects may include dissociative experiences and foreign thoughts and emotions, which may cause varying levels of mental distress.

2) Some memories you experience may not be your own, and not all memories you experience will be entirely historically accurate. Do not be alarmed, this is all part of the therapeutic process.

Retreat is an emotionally intense amnesia game that focuses on relationships (romantic and otherwise, actual or longed for) and physical intimacy, and how they change under pressure: secrets and revelations, tensions and reconciliations. It is structured around a series of flashback scenes (at times involving playing another character or watching someone else play yours) with predetermined elements and outcomes, interspersed with an unscripted present.

This larp uses Ars Amandi, a mechanic involving safe physical touch (of hands and arms only, in this larp) to simulate physical intimacy. There will be a pre-game workshop to introduce the players to the mechanic. The larp structure is such that most characters will experience intimate moments represented by Ars Amandi with a significant subset of the other players.

Characters are gendered (male, female, or non-binary) because sexualities and the influence of gender norms play a significant role in the larp.


Ars Amandi Background/resources

A video introducing Ars Amandi:

An article introducing Ars Amandi:

An essay by the method’s creator, discussing the mechanic and its background.

Credits & Contact

Written by
Jamey Patten, Katie Gordon
Jamey Patten, Katie Gordon
Game Contact

Game Information

Saturday, September 15, 8:00 pm
Suite A
4 hours
8 [3 female, 4 male, 0 player-defined, 1 other]
Age Requirements
Physical Requirements
Vision, Hearing, Please contact the GMs to discuss accommodations as needed. Some details below about what the game involves physically. Some scenes and the workshop are written assuming the players can sit, stand, and walk a few steps, but these are not integral to gameplay and can be modified as needed. New scenes and memories will be distributed to players during the game (1-2 paragraphs at a time), so if you have difficulty reading text please let us know and we can provide larger text versions or have a GM read the new information to you as needed. The Ars Amandi mechanic itself involves movement of one’s arms and hands, and the game is written assuming players are able to do so. It is a very open ended system that does not require specific movements or fine motor control, and can be played with one hand only. If you are concerned about your ability to engage with the mechanic due to a physical restriction please contact the GMs and we can work out accommodations.
Content Warnings
This larp contains consensual sexual content involving a range of sexualities, estrangements from family or lovers, suicide, death, and incest between same-generation adults. Since this is a small larp, it is impossible to avoid incidental exposure to any of these themes - if your character is not affected directly, their significant other, relative, or best friend will be.
Physical Contact Rules
Participants must be prepared to engage in the degree of physical contact necessary for Ars Amandi (touching of hands and/or arms) with all other participants.
Safety Mechanics
In addition to the default safety mechanics, this game will use some Ars Amadi specific safety mechanics. The additional safety mechanics we use in the game are: Cut/Brake and Double-Tap. We’ll explain the use of these and practice as part of the workshop. Cut: Stop the scene, check in out of game Brake: Stop what you were doing or deescalate without necessarily stopping the scene Double-tap: Stop what you are doing in ars amandi - if that is unclear, stop doing ars amandi and check in verbally before continuing. A non-verbal indicator of ‘brake,’ basically.
Food in use
Light snacks and flavored (e.g. cucumber) water and normal water will be provided in the game. Eating food is not required for the game, it is presented as optional refreshments both in and out of game. If you have any allergies please notify the GMs in your survey and we will make sure all snacks properly labeled as containing allergens, or if possible ensure that none of the snacks contain those allergens.