No one who sees the planet Prometheus is unchanged by the experience. The earth of 2205 was exhausted of its secrets long ago; Prometheus has been a second Eden, extraordinarily rich in alien life. You are privileged to be a member of the small, select team of scientists granted the priceless opportunity to see and study this planet.

Now you have learned that your time is up: the planet is to be exploited for the rare elements in its crust. The raw, wild beauty and scientific treasure that you thought to have for years will soon be gone, as will the community of minds gathered here who have come to love this place.

Whispers is a game of intense interpersonal drama set in a scientific colony on a wild and alien planet. This game contains mature themes, including grief and coping with loss. Not for children under 18.

For a full description, see [https://sites.google.com/view/whisperslarp/home]

Credits & Contact

Written by
Brandon Brylawski
Brandon Brylawski, TBD
Game Contact

Game Information

Friday, September 14, 7:00 pm
Suite A
4 hours
10 [5 female, 5 male, 0 player-defined, 0 other]
Age Requirements
Physical Requirements
Hearing, Players must be able to wear headphones for short periods of time.
Content Warnings
Whispers is in large part about dealing with loss. Characters may experience or encounter grief, self-destructive behavior, and guilt.
Physical Contact Rules
This game will be using the Be-Con default physical contact rules.
Safety Mechanics
This game will be using the Be-Con default safety mechanics.
Food in use
No food is used in this game.