Register for Be-Con

Standard Registration

Registration will be done in three phases for Be-Con  – GM/Volunteer, standard, and fill-in.  Because this is our first year, we are capping standard registration at 70 individuals.  Standard registration cost is $80.

GM & Volunteer pre-reg:  GMs with an accepted LARP and individuals who have volunteered to work during game slots will be able to register a week before the general public. Please consider proposing a game or volunteering if you would like to ensure you are able to attend Be-Con.  These individuals will count towards the 60 standard slots, and GM/Volunteer registration cost is the same as standard registration.

Standard registration: Standard registration is now closed! Please follow the instructions for fill in registration instead.

GM/Volunteer and standard registrants will be eligible for the first round of game selection.  To be included in the first round of game selection, an attendee must be registered for the convention and have submitted their game selection preferences by the due date.  More information about LARP signup is available here.

Fill-in registration

Once standard registration is sold out and game selection is complete for all GM/Volunteer and standard registrants,  fill-in registration will begin.  We expect that there will still be openings in a range of games at this point.

Fill-in registration is currently open! We still have a number of games with openings.

Fill-in registrations are $20, and are available on the Eventbrite registration site and include use of the con suite. Once you have purchased a fill-in registration, you may select games on the fill-in survey here. Please note we will not honor your fill-in selections if you have not also purchased a fill-in ticket.

Fill-in attendees will have limited game selection, and may not find available games in some game slots.  As a result, the cost of this registration is significantly lower.

Refund Policy

You may request a refund of your convention standard, GM or volunteer registration fee, less processing fees, up to the time of game registration by contacting us.  After game registration, there are no refunds.  If you purchase a convention registration before you are eligible, your payment will be refunded, less processing fees. (for instance if you signup during pre-registration and are not eligible)

Fill-In registrations may request a refund up to one week before the convention if you have only requested waitlist spaces, and do not get into any games.


Fill-In registration is open!  Note that you will need to select 1 registration and proceed to checkout in order to register.  The donate option does not count as a convention registration.