Convention Committee

Convention Coordinator: Quinn D (she/her)

Quinn D has over a decade of experience writing, running, and participating in larp events in a variety of formats and styles. In addition to her work organizing numerous individual larps, she has 7 years of experience running larp conventions and groups. Quinn sits on multiple boards and works hard to make spaces safe, welcoming and inclusive. You can contact her at

Hotel and Site Coordinator: Laurie Rich (she/her)

Laurie has been LARPing for 20+ years and working at conventions for 5. Her favorite genre is 'angst' and her favorite cryptid is 'sea witch'. She's a Chicago local who is proud to eat her pizza floppy and her hotdogs without peppers. You can reach her before the con at -- make sure to put 'Hotel' in the subject line.

GM and Volunteer Coordinator: Susan Weiner (any pronouns)

Susan has been LARPing for over 20 years and writing games for around 15 years, mostly as part of Alleged Entertainment. They are also an organizer for the Chicago one-shots LARP group. They have worked for several other conventions in a variety of roles including safety, programming, babysitting, and Minstrel Wrangling (the latter two may have some similarities). You can contact Susan at

List of GMs

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